IN Music Publishing

INDIE NOTES MUSIC is an ally for independent musicians. We support unsigned artists and the do-it-yourself music community who take an active role in their own music business. We invite you to wear your passion and show your strengths by shopping our very own IN MUSIC MERCH brand, with the tag line: create it. show it. live it. We have shirts, hats, stickers, and more. INDIE NOTES MUSIC is a division of IN MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LLC, a one-stop shop for music licensing, placements, and artists for hire. INDIE NOTES MUSIC provides opportunities for unsigned artists to be listed in our database for use by Music Supervisors in search of music for their projects. 

IN MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT provide a convenient platform for Music Supervisors to search for high quality, unsigned music for all their projects. It allows them to search without bias and find exactly the music they need, and "stream" pitches that fit the profile. Once the selections are narrowed down, they can download the remaining contending songs to audition for the film or project. We handle all paperwork and provide the highest quality master at time of licensing. Our service is free to Music Supervisors and Industry Representatives. Our mobile app makes it easy for them to search on the go or on the set. They can search by project, criteria, or song lyrics with specific words or phrases.  It has become more popular to search for "replacement songs" that fit the budget or for artists who sound similar to well-known artists.

INDIE NOTES MUSIC provide a song listing service for indie artists that allows them to submit their own quality masters. If you have your own master and believe in your song, consider the benefits of listing it on our site. We will list your song(s) for the potential to stand out to be considered. You must own the song and provide us the master, artwork, lyrics, and tags. You will need to complete and submit electronic forms we send so we may set up a song profile to get started. After a one-time song set up fee, you will only be charged a minimal fee for website maintenance. We work with you on a contingency fee basis so we will make money if you are licensed. You retain ownership of your song. We prefer to work with existing masters and do not suggest creating a master for the sake of submitting to us. We look to fill genre gaps but we are open to accepting all genres, as long as you own a high-quality master. If you have a mastered instrumental, we can pair that with your song to create more opportunities for use.  

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