Simple Licensing, Phenomenal Music & Artists for Hire!
Simple Licensing, Phenomenal Music & Artists for Hire!
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One Song Listing Fee

  • Product Description

      Your song will be added to our database.

      You will pay a small monthly charge for website maintenance fees.

      Your song portfolio will be created and appear alongside the others on our extensive database.

      Each song will need to be set up.

      The Song Set-Up Fee is a one-time charge. 

      It is charged when you first subscribe. 

      In the second month and beyond you will be charged a monthly website maintenance fee.

      The Song Set-Up Fee for a one-song subscription is $10.00.

      The charge for website maintenance fees is $2.50/month.  This will be a recurring monthly subscription.

      You will be given a 10-day period to complete everything needed to set up your song, including providing all the necessary info we need from you.

      You will provide us a 15-day period to set up your song on the database.

      We will provide you private access to your song info on our site.    

      By clicking below, you agree to our terms and conditions.